In that case, several youths escaped from a youth detention facility and committed violent crimes against a family. CBS 3 Watch Now. Although SEPTA’s driver operated the bus and did not quell the disturbance, his acts merely facilitated Turner’s injuries. The shooting happened at about 5: Sign Up Morning Newsletter. As in those cases, this plaintiff’s injuries stemmed from a superseding cause:

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The Evans court found that the superseding cause of the criminal acts by third parties “absolved SEPTA of any liability Recommended Slideshows 30 Pictures. Defendant claims that SEPTA enjoys statutory governmental immunity from this suit, and that its driver had no duty to take any more action than he did. Although SEPTA’s driver operated the bus and did not quell the disturbance, his acts merely facilitated Turner’s injuries.

At trial, plaintiff testified at length about the injuries he suffered from the assault. Anyone with information is urged to contact police. So far, no one is in custody and police have not determined a motive.

SEPTA worker shot in front of his Southwest Philadelphia home [Video]

Section a also requires that the injury be caused by negligent acts of an agent of the Commonwealth agency. He then pressed a second button which informs SEPTA control that this request deserves a priority treatment. The Hussey hayez reasoned that since the local government immunity as interpreted in Mascaro, supra, and sovereign immunity statutes were similar and had the same legislative purpose, they should be similarly applied.


Hussey, the Commonwealth Court applied the narrow interpretation of legislated exceptions to sovereign immunity for local agencies, as set out in Mascaro and other cases, to facts similar to those in this case. The hooligans were drinking beer and smoking marijuana.

He repeatedly requested access and priority, with no results. Desiree Arnett Hicks, 58, pleaded guilty today aarn murder in the third degree and conspiracy to commit murder.

Comments Characters Remaining. Click the citation to see the full text of the cited case. The shooting happened at about 5: Indeed, the vehicle liability portions of sections and are almost identically worded.

SEPTA Employee Dies After Shooting In Southwest Philadelphia

It is clear that in this case the sept alleged consists of acts or a failure to act by William Hayes, the driver of the bus on which Turner was assaulted. The three caught up with plaintiff on a platform between cars and assaulted her, inflicting serious injury.

He saw a group of youths building a human wall across the width of the bus, standing on the seats, piling on one another, and hanging from the handrails suspended from the ceiling. He occupied a seat almost directly opposite the driver. Click on the case name to see the full text of the citing case. Is Wawa open on New Year’s Day?


After an argument in which Hayes swung at Hicks, she told her son she would find someone to hurt Hayes, Fairman said.

Plaintiff’s contention is that Hayes’ failure to take more action to protect him from the criminal activity ultimately resulted in his injury.

Investigators say year-old Aaron Hayes was heading to work at the Elmwood and Island Station when he was shot three times, including aaaron in the head, neck and arm. City of Philadelphia, Pa. The operation of the motor vehicle was not a substantial contributor to Turner’s injuries, therefore, SEPTA is immune from this suit. McCullough believed the bus was quite full, holding 70 to 80 people. Wall Street rally pauses, but stocks mint weekly gain 8h.

SEPTA worker shot in front of his Southwest Philadelphia home | WRNB Philly

View Case Cited Cases. In addition, plaintiff suffered from extreme embarrassment and humiliation from this public attack. Curiously, Hicks and Gonzalez never aaroon on how much he was to be paid for the job, Fairman said. Related Articles Striding into second term, D.