AD-5 or 6 AA-size batteries both optional song book, music stand and video cable included size w x d x h x x mm weight: Song memory 2 tracks, 2 songs, up to 5, notes, real-time recording. TV connection Whether Karaoke or motivated learning: Karaoke Discover Karaoke fun: Simple operations adjust the microphone volume level and the key of the tune. Play at your own pace.

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The display shows the phrase where your point total was the lowest, so you can practice until you master it.

Sing-Along Function The party trend: Windows is a registered trademark and Windows Vista is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in United States and other countries. The illuminated keys of the LKTV are your guide to many new songs.

LK-90tv Manual

Lighting Guide System Now it’s your turn: Master the timing of melody. Due to copyright restrictions, the lyrics of some songs may not be displayed. Other hits of the LKTV: Technical Specifications 61 lighting keys with touch response Illuminated keys can be switched off note polyphony max.

If the keyboard senses that you are losing your place, Voice Fingering Guide calls out the finger you need to use to play the next note.


Karaoke Discover Karaoke fun: It also lets you enjoy learning with your friends and family, making practice more ccasio for everyone!

The TV connection helps you to enjoy the keyboard on all channels.

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Play at your own pace. Switch on the casip function, connect keyboard to TV – and sing along! Learning System With this 3-step, interactive system you attain your learning objective. Play at the preset tempo. Easy-to-follow Key Lighting teaches you how to play! Connection to a TV makes evaluation score results easier to understand, and inspires you to do better.

Casio LK 90 TV Electronic Keyboard W Stand Accessory Bundle

The USB interface connects your keyboard easily and quickly with the computer. Enjoy learning to play along with your friends or the entire family. At the end of the lesson, the keyboard rates your play both vocally and by displaying your point total. Current results are indicated li an on-screen bar and star figure, and announced by a simulated human voice.

The valuations of the learning system appear directly on screen – and the song texts of the sing-along function run in real time on the focussing screen: TV connection Whether Karaoke or motivated learning: For built-in tunes, notes you recorded, or MIDI data czsio from an external source.


Now it’s your turn: The innovative storage medium to play, replay or sing along.

Simple operations adjust the microphone volume level and the key of the tune. This advanced development of the MIDI interface standardises casil data and simplifies its exchange. The extensive repertoire includes tones, general MIDI tones and 8 drum sets. Storage for up to 5 songs transferred from a computer; approximately 80KB maximum user area.

Scoring system uses vocal and on-screen comments to let you know how you are progressing!

You can also display the lyrics of Sing Along tunes on the TV screen for easy sing along fun by everyone. With this 3-step, interactive system you attain your learning objective. One-hand lesson Step 1 and Step 2 only.

SmartMedia is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation.