Datastream supported is PDS. For the parallel port: The rear path is limited to a maximum of 4-part forms. Snap-out perforation First sheet 3: Backed by IBM quality, reliability and service, this printer is an excellent choice for demanding print environments. Products that are not specific to these countries are deemed to be “not ready” for euro unless otherwise stated in the product’s country-specific specifications.

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Data processing mode, 10 cpi: IBM-compatible PCs utilizing the parallel interface. The base printer contains parallel support and the other configurations are optional.

IBM Multiform Printer – CPS | IBM Printer Outlet

The base printer includes one ibm 4247 printer form tractor path as well as a manual cutsheet paper path. To order, contact your IBM representative. The output plug that inserts into the Network Print Server must have a pin diameter of.

A powerful dot matrix printing design enables the IBM to print on up to priner forms. Customers can load different forms into each tractor path and then enable the path which corresponds to the desired ibm 4247 printer job.

IBM InfoPrint 4247 Model L03 entry-level office and industrial printer

Controls and latches operable with one hand and minimal dexterity Keys are discernible by touch without activating them Ports and connectors support ibm 4247 printer of industry-standard devices Euro Currency For more information on the implications of the euro, visit the IBM euro Web site at: Paper parking, switching and ibm 4247 printer Automatic forms loading and forms priner adjustment Push or pull capability. Regardless, IBM warranty terms ib.


Why Shop at Sinca? High-quality printing on up to eight-part forms.

All attachment options are now available on a single model. The ibm 4247 printer path is limited to a maximum of 4-part forms.

The Twinax SCSwill attach to: Token Ring via the Network Print Server features.

Who Made Your IBM 4247 Printer?

ibm 4247 printer Datastream supported is PDS. Coated paper Vellums Highly sized erasable bond Synthetic paper Translucent paper Some paper with a cockle finish Some multi-part forms not meeting specifications Some pressure sensitive adhesive labels Some chemically treated paper ink-impregnated paper Ibm 4247 printer preprinted forms requiring high registration accuracy for character location Card stock Some preprinted paper containing chemicals that contaminate the sheet feed pfinter or change the frictional characteristics of the paper Stapled or clipped forms Paper with gum surfaces, holes, perforations, cutouts or windows Paper with embossment height exceeding 0.

The multilingual user-friendly operator ibm 4247 printer features a 2×40 LCD display for easy-to-read menus and messages. Paper parking, switching and linking Automatic forms loading and forms thickness adjustment Push or pull capability Paper Sizes Continuous forms: Rear-pull mode is not available. Click here to go to: Consult the manufacturer for recommended storage environment.


Multi-part forms can be used in all ASF bins. Input bin 1 will also support envelopes. Impact force is always set to strong.

The IBM is a discontinued product and only available as a refurbished product. Supported in mode only.

IBM Matrix Printer

The Network Print Server features plug into ibm 4247 printer parallel port of the printer to provide support for the following environments: It has a heavy-duty impact printer with peinter duty cycle of up to 20 million characters per month, ibm 4247 printer a full-size, full-function operator panel similar to today’s Model or Overall total form thickness for all parts may range from 0. Prices Purchase prices listed in the Prices section of this announcement reflect the purchase price for a single unit acquired from IBM and are subject to change without notice.

Backed by IBM quality, reliability and service, this printer is an excellent choice for demanding print environments.

Additional paths may be selected from the operator panel.