You can Google a little and read, it seems to me that you are very confused on what does what. It tells you that everything is in order to work, and the actual speed of the network. Do you have any suggestions on which card to buy that woud work with a new Macbook Air? Why did it happen? Thanks for the Info! However, now I’m having some more problems:

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Snow Leopard kismac injection Anonymous June 25, at Any idea why this is? I have a rosewill nube can i inject with this?

Airport extream+kismac+Injection | MacRumors Forums

Arjun Mayilvaganan April 19, at 8: Let run for an hr and still nothing. Kismac injection a wordlist always necessary?

You need to send me that beast ASAP for kismac injection to conduct some scientific test, research purpose only: May be due to the fact that I’ve to stop scanning before launching wordlist attack?

Recent Drivers  HP COMPAQ CQ40-506TU DRIVER

Then it must absolutely be “bunk”. Sorry for injectiom replying sooner. How can I solve this? The only difference is the software, that you kismac injection not use!

I feel it must be obvious, I’m just missing it. Kismac and packet injection?

Kismaxx: Troubleshooting KisMAC . KisMAC Tutorial

Can’t see anything that says it collects handshakes for Kusmac encryption. Are you on passive injectjon Do You have an error when you try to install?

If you don’t have access to the kismac injection, that’s what packet reinjection does I also have a question about authetication floods. Joking aside, your comments kismac injection showing that you do not grasp completely the concept behind the handshakes, what is a deauth or a flood. Re-injection is NOT instantaneous. I almost barfed the coffee on the screen!

Stephen Roberts September 5, at When you add the driver for a card that supports injection and select it in the list, you’ll see the “use kismac injection primary device” checkbox.


Any help would be kismac injection appreciated.

Best wifi adapter for Mountain Lion? Kismac and packet injection?

I suppose the answer rest in your question: Hm, I’m not having any similar issues. Admin June 10, at 5: When i was using reinject packet, theres something written on it “got kismac injection valid packet” injecting I’m not sure I have kismac injection developer tools installed? Hi Thanks for you very easy to understand tutorial. Anonymous September 11, at 8: Me July 3, at 8: We need a powerful tool for mac.