Problem is that scanning slides is much more demanding on a scanner than scanning negs – the inherent contrast range in a transpareny is greater than in a neg, and particularly with films such as Velvia is beyond most scanners. Also, some Fuji films particularly the original Velvia have a particular substrate that reflects light back in a phenomenon known as “pepper grain” – this is a particular issue with high resolution scanners, and can be alleviated by use of a diffuser the “Scanhancer” being the best-known. They are one of the leading producers of these kinds of scanners and their target audience ranges from beginners like me to graphics and desktop publishing professionals. However, with the universal cost of hardware becoming more reasonable, there is no reason to think these items are just for businesses, film labs, schools, or universities any more. Digital cameras are swell, but what about those thousands of negatives you have from decades of shooting rolls of 35mm film? Google remove grain from slide scan and see what tutorials come up. What’s in a name, anyway?

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But graphics arts professionals and publishing or prepress professionals need more. Final two “grain” issues don’t apply to your scanner, and both are film-related; Kodachrome is by nature different to all other slide films, and the Digital ICE technolofy or similar used by some scanners causes artifacts primefilm pf 1800 afl can effectively destroy the image.

Again, there have been wishes I have had, such as turning older 35mm film negatives I have into both digital images and archiving or saving them. Pacific Image products are available at photographic specialty primefilm pf 1800 afl major retailers throughout the United States and Canada, including Costco. It does scan multiple images quite effectively which probably explains the significantly higher price on this scanner than on some of it’s competitors or even some other film scanners manufactured by Pacific Image.


Download Pacific Image PrimeFilm AFL Film Scanner Driver for Windows Vista

Plummeting Prices Scanner prices keep dropping. CanonMinoltaNikonPolaroid. Share This Page Tweet.

Google remove grain from slide scan and see what tutorials come up. She is now 10 and in the 5th grade.

Pacific Image Electronics PrimeFilm AFL – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

The main difference is that you’ll primefipm spend a lot of time editing out the dust specks and scratches that have primefilm pf 1800 afl up over the years. Just about now, you might be thinking, come on Larry, and tell us what you did with it and whether it worked or not.

Misspelled and missing words plague the page manual. I observe too that the OP previously in his first post on here, asked for advice on primefilm pf 1800 afl scanners and ignored all given advice!

Pacific Image PF 1800 AFL Auto Film-loading 35mm Slide & Film Scanner

Your name or email address: Since I already have the negatives, this scanner provides a means of scanning those print film negatives into a digital format and then, if I get better at editing with Elements, eventually printing them out onto photo-quality paper. They market basic flatbed primefolm and acl high-end, professional quality slide and film scanners.

You could scan primefilm pf 1800 afl prints made long ago from those negatives—if you have any that aren’t torn or creased—or you could primefilm pf 1800 afl the negatives themselves.

There’s still alot of grain in the image though primefilm pf 1800 afl a Kodachrome 64 source: They sure do grow up fast. Pacific Imaging’s PRO scanner offers four times the optical resolution x dpiand adds Firewire connectivity, afp.


I downloaded Vuescan tonight to see how it compared with Cyberview X, which was supplied with the Primefilm scanner. Primefilm pf 1800 afl that’s most of the problem, because if not, you’re stumped with that bit of kit.

Of course, you can use any image-editing application. Using this tool will reduce sharpness so use sparingly then sharpen before saving. What’s in a name, anyway? The connection was easy, all I did was connect the power supply to an electrical outlet and plug in primefilm pf 1800 afl USB card to the USB port on my computer.

It even works with individually mounted slides. Single primefilm pf 1800 afl Light Source: Film strips must be at least three frames long to work with the feeder. While I have to admit, the failure may have been mine because I was a novice user of both the hardware and the software and with a review due for a theme issue, I didn’t have the time or resources to make prints.

Even though the unit is compact, you’ll need quite a bit of open space in order to use it comfortably. I don’t understand this, as the scanning mechanism is primefilm pf 1800 afl same.

I do think your problem though is caused by the lowish resolution of the scanner. That would be the smart thing to do. Can anyone suggest why slide scans are so much poorer then negative primefilm pf 1800 afl with this model??